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Our foundation may be construction, but we've evolved as have the solutions that we provide. We use our strategies and technology for a more detailed report to present to our clients. A quality home inspection is our highest priority in which we adhere to by way of the state of NEVADA's Standards of Pratice. Move into your home with all the pages visible to you before you make that commitment. Enjoy your new home today with confidence and peace of mind.

Who We Are

Welcome to Ground Up Professional Home Inspections of Southern Nevada. We are certified and licensed to conduct a complete non-invasive examination of the current condition of residential and commercial properties. Upon our findings, we'll supply you with a detailed written report so you'll be able to make a better informed decision whether you're purchasing a home or office space. Let's face it, a real estate investment is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in your life. Wouldn't you want to make sure your future investment has been thoroughly inspected from the ground up?

Who I Am

Why use a Certified Home Inspector?
My name is Dallas S. Locklear I have several years experience in doing framing, plumbing and electrical installation prior to home inspections. We're trained to see things that are easily overlooked by the average home buyer. By knowing what to look for in residential andcommercial properties, a detailed report can be a determining factor in the purchase of your new home. People will do almost anything when it's time to sell a house. Don't buy the house that jack built and sold to unsuspecting buyers. Call today to schedule an appointment before you sign on the dotted line.
Are we licensed?
When we look at a property we read it like an unopened book. Doing our job right the first time matters. Looking for things that might be a problem 2, 3 or 5 years later as well as the present. Code violations are sometimes found including major stuctural issues.
Worried about the roof?
Ground Up Professional Home Inspections uses a remote controlled drone aircraft for all roof inspections. This makes it easier to spot trouble you can't see from a ladder. Chimny, shingle, soffett, vents, skylights, flashing, storm drains and gutters a problems don't escape the drone.
Do we inspect trailers?
We will inspect any home, trailer and or condo 7 days a week including commercial properties up to 10,000 SQ FT. Our company is equipped with thermal imaging free at no extra cost.
What We Do Find
Leaking Pipe
Cause: Pinhole Leak
Melting Siding
Proper Replacement Needed
Pipe Obstruction
Unwanted Tree Roots
Electrical Hazard
Nest Removal and Cleaning
Chimny Roof
Brick & Mortar Missing
Coroded Pipe
Water Damage
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